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Exercise and Sports Massage

There have been numerous studies on the effect of massage therapy on athletes. Many of these studies have been unable to agree on the results. One study that examined professional athletes against controls found no significant differences in the amount of muscle soreness. Another study that compared professional athletes with control subjects found significant improvement in muscle pain for athletes who had massage. However there was no signifi cant improvements in the health of those who didn't receive massage. Another study comparing active athletes with nonathletes showed similar results to the previous studies.

Although there aren't any conclusive studies showing that the benefits of sports massage on athletic performance However, numerous studies have proven that it can help athletes recover quicker. Researchers discovered that athletes who had been engaged in intense exercise programs were less likely to recover from sports massage. In another study, participants that completed a maximum workload program were significantly more efficient over those who were not given an Sports massage. Another study found that sports massage therapists had a significant influence on the physical performance of overweight adolescents.

A study comparing the production of lactic acid in the injured and control groups found no differences. However, the researchers concluded that the effects of massage may depend on who the massage was given to. Researchers discovered that lactic acids were released at a greater amount in the control group than they were in the exercise group, and were fairly low after the massage. However, the injured group had a higher lactic acid production and it continued to increase after the session. One possible explanation for this finding is the elevated lactic acid production may decrease the pain threshold of an injured patient and result in a greater sense of effort during exercise.

There are a variety of theories on how massage can improve the performance of athletes. The physiologists have suggested that a thorough stretching of the muscles in the deep of the legs is the reason for athletes' quicker recovery from injuries. The same theory suggests that athletes can benefit from stretching out the muscles that are superficial to the arms and shoulders to strengthen their muscles. Another theory is that athletes who participate in intense competition could be able to recover faster in case their lower muscles are more tense and shorter. A strong core of abdominal muscles can help prevent cramps and spasms that occur in athletes who participate in intense activities.


Massage therapy can aid athletes increase their flexibility and muscle strength. Stretching muscles can help them become more flexible and more willing to move and train. When athletes exercise, their muscles become tighter and restrict their movement. To alleviate the pain in their muscles, 수원출장안마 athletes must do exercises to stretch tight muscles. Massage therapy for sports can help with this.

Research has shown that athletes experience an increase in cortisol while exercising or performing high intensity. This stress hormone signalizes physical stress. Studies have shown that cortisol increases the endurance and strength of muscles when exercising at a low intensity. In the study endurance performance was evaluated prior to and after the athletes completed 30 sprints. During sprints, muscle twitch activity was timed and the results indicated an increase in strength after the sprints.

The increased strength of the muscles resulted from the increased amount of glycogen found in the muscles. Glycogen is an energy source found in muscles during vigorous exercise. When the body of the athlete is exposed to intense physical exercise, it releases large amounts of glycogen in order to replenish energy lost during the sprints. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Northumbria in the UK showed that performing short sprints prior to the start of competitive cycling caused an increase in the amount of muscle glycogen.

The results of these studies show that massages for sports may be beneficial for athletes both in and after vigorous exercise. But, it is important to remember that all of these studies were conducted on healthy, non-athletes. Before you start any treatment, talk to your physician if you have conditions that alter circulation, such as kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure or other conditions.